Demon on Vinyl

Dueling Banjos Vinyl Front

What you'll need

  •         Vinyl or CD player
  •         $4 – $8 spending money
  •         Local Travel Costs (varying)
  •         $ for snacks (optional)
  •         Willingness to forgo shame (not optional)

Op shops are great for dates. We get up, go out, go thrifting. Classic. You’re guaranteed to find something of interest.

But there are definite ways to maximise the experience.

Firstly, it’s much easier to convert into a real ‘date’ if you make a day out of it. One of the best ways to do this is to select a suburb you’re somewhat unfamiliar with. Most will have at least one cluster of op shops within walking distance of each other, as they seem to congregate in groups.

This enables you to explore a new area, and feels far more ‘special’ than just ducking down to your local Salvos for halfa. You can always grab lunch at a new restaurant if funds allow ($), grab a pie or cake from a local bakery ($), or bring your own snacks! (¢?)

*salivating noises*
The bakery. You should probably choose the bakery. Dang.

My absolute favourite way to take advantage of an op shop outing is to get amongst their vinyl. I’ve lost count of how many times we’ve done this, it’s a real favourite. It doesn’t really matter what types of people you or your partner are, you’re almost guaranteed to bond over the hilarity you uncover.

One of the pre-requisites is that you have a working vinyl player (you may even find one while thrifting!). You can always look for CD’s, but it’s often not quite as fun as they’re rarely as dated/bizarre. However, if you want to embrace your 90’s nostalgia/Australian Idol collection, go for your life.


Heading into the dingiest stores you can find will yield you some incredible results amongst the dust. We like to look for the worst/most confusing looking vinyl we can find, and grab one each. This usually sets us back a maximum of about $4, as most op shops sell them for a dollar or two these days. Honestly, most of the time the art is worth it alone.

Internal Vinyl
When I was taking this photo with Dion’s phone, I got distracted by a book on houseplants, left his phone on the shelf and exited the store. Luckily I remembered before someone nicked it. Sorry Dion!

Then we take them home, put them on, and have a dance party.

It’s hilarious. I cannot express to you how fun it is. Even if you’re a huge stick in the mud when it comes to dancing (like me) it’s a great excuse to let loose, because daggy tunes and bad dancing are a perfect match. If like Dion however, you spent an almost embarrassing amount of your teen years practising dance moves in the mirror… now’s the time to crack them out. Plus, listening to music and synchronising movements are both proven to increase social closeness and release endorphins! Don’t fight the evolutional chemistry and have a good time embracing your inner or outer dork.

We’ve actually found some amazing gems amongst these trips, surprisingly more hits than misses. What results is hours of fun and entertainment, which have also yielded immense interest from guests when they visit. Definitely worth the modest investment.

Dueling Banjos Vinyl Back

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