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Dion Aerobics

When I was little, I was terrified of Richard Simmons. That one deleted scene from the Simpsons? Where Mr Burns has a robotic Richard Simmons protecting his house? Spooked the heebie-jeebies out of me as a 5 year old.

According to YouTube comments, I wasn't the only one...

Well, all this iso business had me even more sedentary than usual. Dion too. But who can commit to a steady fitness regime in these circumstances? Anyone with that level of tenacity seems to be an outlier on the competent-human spectrum.

So, what’s fun? What’s free? What’s… better than nothing?

eighties aerobics videos

To be honest, at first I’d been donning my lycra when Dion was out running errands, and trying them out for myself. But one day shortly after, he woke up in an especially gloomy mood. I told him I thought I could help him feel better, but he had to promise to go along with my suggestion. And because he’s a delight, he agreed.

They say it’s good to face your fears. So, in stepped the personification of my childhood terror to save the day. I put on a Richard Simmons video. Specifically, Sweatin’ to the Oldies II.

Are you brave enough to click that play button?

I scooped him up on to his feet, and he danced. And we danced. We were grinning our faces off almost instantly.

The cheesiest music and the corniest dance moves made for a tasty combo. If you’re a bad dancer, it doesn’t even matter, because the dance moves are not cool

You will not look cool

Neither of you will look cool. 

So who cares? 

Also, the majority of videos from that era feature super slim, limber and otherwise not-so-physically-diverse persons. In contrast, these videos highlight quite a range of diversity — in body-shapes, at least. Which is nice.

If you are after some serious spandex splendour, though, here’s one of my favourite ‘classic’ workout videos:

Okay but that soundtrack is seriously killer...

If you want something more modern — and with an extra hit of dopamine — you can always get yourself hooked on Just Dance (which is on pretty much every gaming platform these days). However, it’s not quite as cost effective. We’ve been playing it on Switch, and I used DekuDeals to get us 60% off.

Overall, I’d say this casual date idea has evolved into something more like a shared casual hobby. I mean, now Dion wants us to take up acro-yoga, which might be a little far…

As mentioned in one of our previous articles, there are tons of benefits to dancing together, but the main draw for me is fun. With all the fresh types of tension we’ve met this year, everyone could use some extra fun.

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