Who even are these people!?

Demon Dates was created by Emmy and Dion in early 2020.

We’re just a couple of poor Gen Y babies, who like spending quality time together.

We want you to be able to enjoy your life, whether it’s with a romantic partner or otherwise.  (Without burning through your finances.)

Demon Dates

About Emmy

One of 4 siblings, Emmy’s frugal upbringing fostered incredible resourcefulness and creativity when it came to tackling boredom. Emmy is always on the lookout for opportunities to turn the mundane into something memorable. Demon Dates was inspired by her talent for turning almost any occasion into a date (and on a tight budget!)

A resident of Melbourne’s inner-west for several years, the area has provided the perfect launchpad for numerous adventures across Victoria with her partner Dion. Endlessly enthusiastic and always keen to seek out new experiences, Emmy loves getting other people to think outside the box when it comes to date ideas.

About Dion

After recovering from a protracted chronic illness in his formative years, Dion was set on making up for lost time. He rose keen to explore everything the world had to offer. After a few years of late-night partying, Dion’s horizons were greatly expanded after starting a relationship with Emmy in early 2013. 

Dion has a deep appreciation of what the world has to offer, whether it be good food and drink, art, music, nature, history or culture. 

Get started by checking out his tips on What Makes a Good Date?