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Aaaaaaand we’re back. Back to lockdown. At least if you live in Victoria (like us). But rather than focus on the uncertainty it brings, why not capitalise on all the unique opportunities it makes available to you?

There are countless live streaming performances and events happening all over the world on a regular basis, many for free! To help keep you and your partner sane and entertained, we’ve made a list of some of the most stream-tastic offerings currently available both locally and worldwide.

Classy Capers:

The arts industry has been impacted pretty severely by lockdown laws. In a tremendous show of resilience and dedication, many performers have continued to, well, perform! Albeit in a different format. One of the ways you can encourage their recovery post-COVID, is by continuing to engage with creators amongst the pandemic:

  • Arts Centre Melbourne is offering fresh streams all the time, both live and archived. Ranging from music, talks, and other live events, they’ve curated a broad range of local artistic talents: Have a browse!
  • The MSO is also streaming fortnightly, on Thursdays, live from Hamer Hall. Archived footage of past concerts is also available on their YouTube page. Apparently they’re also incorporating acrobatics into their concerts now? I’m sold. Here’s a link to their upcoming streams.
  • From the 6th to the 23rd of August, the Melbourne International Film Festival is worming its way into your lounge room. For roughly the cost of a standard movie ticket (or less), MIFF is offering an extensive variety of locally grown filmic produce. Suss out the selection on their homepage.
  • Not fancy enough for ya? Want to get all gussied up and whip out the opera glasses? Well, the Met Opera is also holding frequent live streams. If you like feeling aristocratic (and apparently, watching men cry), you’ll be overjoyed at this offering. Check them out here.

Classic Dates:

There’s nothing wrong with a classic date! Embrace the new normal with some modernised takes on textbook classics:

  • Funky Bunch Trivia is hosting weekly trivia events via live stream. You can win prizes, and it’s a great option for a virtual double-date. Find out more here!
  • Another Thursday night offering is brought to you by Easey Comedy. Hosted by Adam Hills, a fresh throng of comedians serve you their new material, live, every week. I’m willing to bet everyone could use some laugh-fuelled dopamine right about now. And you don’t have to worry about sitting too close to the front and getting picked on. Ideal. Follow their feed on Facebook.
  • A trip to Disneyland is a dream date for many. While out of reach for the time being, Disneyland Paris has their Disney Illuminations show available to view for free on YouTube. It’s pretty spectacular, and makes a great precursor to a favourite viewing. Find it, and related content here.

Musical Interludes:

There’s nothing quite like the energy and excitement of a live event. Although you might not be able to get to a gig or venue until the pandemic crisis is over, these might be the next best thing:

  • Billboard has a list of online concerts and festivals featuring some big-name acts. Most of these do attract a fee, though a much smaller one than your typical concert ticket. Their livestream list is updated weekly.
  • Of course, if you’re a fan of the classics, you could always just get on YouTube and watch some of the greatest live music performances of all time (or the last 50-ish years). 
  • LiveNation is also hosting a wide variety of live events online, not just limited to music. Their streaming page is well worth a browse.

Virtual Visitations:

Don’t let lockdown be a barrier to experiencing the wonders of the world. With modern 3D technology, there are countless attractions to be experienced without stepping a foot outside your door. Museums, historical sites, buildings of architectural interest, are all visible virtually. Here are some of our picks:

  • There’s just something so alluring and intriguing about Ancient Egypt. Go for a virtual, interactive tour of famous Egyptian landmarks thanks to Smithsonian Mag: Virtual Tour
  • If that’s not enough history for you, it might also be worth exploring Travel + Leisure’s list of 12 Museums with Virtual Tours: But brace for ads.
  • Melbourne houses some remarkable buildings. Open House Melbourne offers you insight into some of the most unique architectural offerings the city holds. Many Melbourne buildings have familiar facades, but who knows what’s inside? You will, with a click of a link!
  • Still desperate to go exploring? Check out Google Earth VR and plan your dream holiday route in three dimensions.

Fluff n’ Stuff:

Buildings bore you? Wanting to interact with someone guaranteed not to talk about COVID for a change? Time to pop in on some of the fabulous creatures from the world’s zoos and aquariums. Spanning the spectrum of fluffy to fearsome, you’re bound to find a new friend:

  • Starting with the familiar, Melbourne Zoo has an immensely popular stream to follow. Be sure to check out: Animals at Home.
  • Want something more surreal? Less familiar? Experience the avant garde wonders of the sea, by viewing Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Live Cams.
  • Explore.org offers the broadest variety, with their live cams covering all sorts of animal adventures.
  • If you’re really after that personal touch, you can always hire a llama into a video chat, thanks to Sweet Farm.

If you really feel the need to break out of home, many of these experiences can be enhanced with the help of a VR headset. Too pricey? You can always purchase a Google Cardboard for about five bucks. While these do add to the immersion, they generally detract a little from the couple-y aspect. 

There are many more concerts, classes, drag shows, or other streams happening around the clock. There’s plenty to be found through by utilising your Googling finesse, or simply having a quick browse of your Facebook events page. And if you’re really not sure where to start,
Internet Archive has plenty to offer and is well worth a cooperative deepdive.

Any other feeds you’re glued to? Let us know! But certainly take advantage of these experiences while you have the chance. Don’t miss out on a fleeting hidden gem. (And don’t be afraid to get dressed for the occasion, either!)

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