Drawing a Blank

A few years ago, Emmy realised she had a condition known as ‘aphantasia’, or ‘mind-blindness’. Essentially it means that she can’t visualise — when she tries to picture something, all she sees is black. This prompted her curiosity, and the invention of another one of her pen-and-paper games...

Cats of Kingsville

When you’ve lived in the same place for a while, walks around your neighbourhood can feel a bit droll. The remedy? Cat photography. Don’t like cats? Don’t let me lose you just yet. A short while ago, Dion and I spent about a month walking around the Kingsville neighbourhood, primed for photography...

Who's responsible for this!?

Demon Dates is the love-child of Emmy and Dion (Demon). Our date ideas reflect our philosophy in making the most of your relationship — together and as individuals — no matter the circumstances.